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Mozilla Web Literacy Pilot

Over the summer, Mozilla Learning announced eight pilot programs to train library staff and students in adapting Mozilla’s web literacy curriculum for use in public libraries and librarian-training programs. The three-part workshop series helped me think about how to teach some of the digital literacy skills I take for granted, and also how to incorporate web literacy into existing library programs and instruction.

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Library Garden Update

Clinton Hill’s raised bed community garden was a four-month program which enabled young adults to connect with nature, engage with science in a hands-on way, and gain confidence by making them feel like a valuable part of the community. The Clinton Hill branch is a small building, and we were inspired to create an outdoor garden to help alleviate some of the tensions between all the children, adults, and teens who are trying to share the library.

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TeacherLab 2016, Brooklyn Public Library

We might have just missed the cultural moment, but today I presented a Pokémon GO-themed lightning talk at Brooklyn Public Library’s annual TeacherLab conference. I mostly focused on harnessing the power of popular phenomena like Pokémon GO to make connections with young adults in educational spaces like classrooms and libraries.

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Bklyn Incubator Grant: Clinton Hill Library Garden

Our grant-funded garden project is well underway at the Clinton Hill branch library! It’s still pretty cold outside here in Brooklyn, so the actual outdoor activities won’t kick into gear until mid-April, but we’ve already started to offer hands-on activities specifically focused on teens that we hope will boost their understanding, familiarity, and interest in science and nature.

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