Sector 33

Ever wondered what’s like to be an air traffic controller? In Sector 33, you can guide planes through the Northern California airspace to the San Francisco International Airport as quickly and safely as possible! Developed by NASA, the app—available for Android and iOS—is a companion game to the Smart Skies LineUp With Math curriculum, designed to spark students’ interest in science and math.

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Late Nite Labs

Late Nite Labs provides realistic, online science lab simulations in biology, chemistry, microbiology, and physics. The Late Nite Labs library includes around 10-20 different labs in each subject area. The platform allows instructors to set up experiment modules (equipped with instruments, materials, and texts) and students to work at their own pace and in their own time.

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Girls Make Games

In 2013, a CNN report listed “game designer” as one of the fastest growing jobs for the next decade, and the games industry revenue is projected to hit $90 billion by 2017. But though women now make up 47% of video game players, they represent a much smaller proportion of the game industry.

That’s one reason why Girls Make Games founder Laila Shabir is passionate about bringing girls to game development. The other is because game development offers girls an unparalleled opportunity to express themselves, which is why Shabir has developed a series of summer camps and workshops designed to help girls explore the world of video game creation.

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