Girls Make Games

In 2013, a CNN report listed “game designer” as one of the fastest growing jobs for the next decade, and the games industry revenue is projected to hit $90 billion by 2017. But though women now make up 47% of video game players, they represent a much smaller proportion of the game industry.

That’s one reason why Girls Make Games founder Laila Shabir is passionate about bringing girls to game development. The other is because game development offers girls an unparalleled opportunity to express themselves, which is why Shabir has developed a series of summer camps and workshops designed to help girls explore the world of video game creation.

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WikiBrains is a visual tool for knowledge discovery. It pulls from both brainstorming and mind mapping, though it’s not exactly like either concept. Crowdsourcing and visual knowledge curation are the main themes underpinning WikiBrains, and the aim is to encourage creativity by connecting the dots between topics. Users can browse and modify collections of related topics (“bubble maps”) or create their own.

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Mindmeister is a mind mapping tool that can be used to create individual mind maps or share maps with others, allowing for online collaborative thought organization. Mind maps store and structure information, visually depicting hierarchies and relationships between topics, generally within a single concept. Mindmeister is available as a web-based platform or as mobile applications (iOS and Android), and maps can be shared privately or as part of Mindmeister’s public maps.

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