LIS Career Day, St. John’s University

On Monday, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the St. John’s University Department of Library and Information Science as a guest of their student association, DLISSA. One of our EdLab summer interns, Christina, reached out to Alex, Dana, Laura, and me to invite us to speak at one of DLISSA’s monthly meetings. We were joined at St. John’s by Deimosa Webber-Bey from Scholastic, and both Tara Hart and Ivy Blackman from the Whitney Museum joined us remotely via Webex. Maddy Vericker moderated the discussion and asked us each about our educational and professional backgrounds, our current roles in the LIS field, and how to find a mentor and continue growing professionally. St. John’s has a large online degree program, so a lot of the attendees were participating remotely, but there were also a few in-person students. It was wonderful to see Christina again, and afterwards we headed out to the regular DLISSA happy hour at a nearby sushi place. Overall, it was a great reunion for the Teachers College library crew, as well as a nice chance to get to know other librarians and library students in the New York area.