​3D Printing and Education

One of the things libraries have the unique ability to do particularly well is to provide access to technology, and to allow students, researchers, and the public to experiment with new technologies before they enter into common use. This presentation for the 2015 New York Library Association Conference centers on incorporating 3D printing technology into libraries to provide a variety of educational, cultural, and recreational experiences for patrons. We focus on 3D printing as an ancillary tool for traditional oral and visual learning, highlight new and existing 3D curricula, and provide ideas for future implementations of 3D printing programs, workshops, and integration into libraries’ existing technology infrastructure.

We hope that in treating this panel presentation as an open forum for discussion, we are able to foster collaborative brainstorming and creativity, facilitate a greater understanding of this emerging technology, and provide practical applications for teaching and learning in all kinds of libraries.

Full presentation with notes.

Citation: Haugh, D., Powers, M., & Costello, L. (2015,October). 3D Printing and Education. Presented at the New York Library Association’s Annual Conference and Trade Show, Lake Placid, NY.