​Building the Future of Libraries with #Homemade Digital Tools

In the interdisciplinary EdLab at Teachers College, Columbia University, one of the main goals is to develop, produce, and provide resources for a better learning experience for the Teachers College community. As a result, we continually develop, design, and assess management systems and software products at EdLab. Library materials are requested by students and faculty and delivered via DocDel, a library materials management system. The Teachers College community has willingly adopted Vialogues, a dynamic discussion platform proving that videos are both powerful teaching resources and the ultimate conversation starters. New Learning Times provides daily coverage of the transformation of learning opportunities in the information age for those shaping the future of education. Pocket Knowledge is the social archive of Teachers College, and Pressible is a network of sites optimized to display and share educational content while making publishing easy, personal, and fun. Roomer is an iPad based study room reservation system that are posted outside of each study room. The interactive iPads are focused on the “here and now” patron; they allow people learn more about the events that are going on in the library, and help them make and manage study room requests.

As part of our work as librarians at EdLab, Laura Costello and I have continually explored emerging technologies and pushed toward the future of learning, teaching, and research by prototyping systems and products for the Teachers College community. Presenting the products we have helped to create at the ALA Annual Conference allows us to share our work with the greater library community.


Citation: Costello, L. & Powers, M. (2015, June). Building the Future of Libraries with #Homemade Digital Tools (Poster Session). Presented at the American Library Association Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA.