Google Cardboard


At the development & research meeting today, the library team led everyone in a Google Cardboard construction workshop! Developed by Google employees during their “20% time,” this low-budget virtual reality headset might be a good option for teachers hoping to incorporate VR into their classrooms, or for librarians to support cheap experimentation and prototyping for their patrons.


The first part of the activity was a straight-up investigation of the materials and construction process. We explored a range of questions: is this technology sustainable? scalable? globally shareable? For the construction process, what is the age/knowledge range needed to make this? Where and how could this technology be used for learning? Some of the EdLab team explored the idea of using the cardboard headset itself as a platform for art and expression, as well as a VR tool.


The library team also came up with a list of apps that we think fall into the educational sphere (related to literature, history, arts, culture, science, technology, etc.) but we didn’t want to color everyone else’s perceptions or narrow the field too much. We discussed some potential use cases for Google Cardboard, but the construction process took a lot longer than we anticipated, and we have to postpone the discussion and exploration of apps for next week’s research & development meeting!