Science360, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, is an immersive experience into the world of science, engineering, math, and technology. The video library has something for everyone—students, science geeks, and the general public alike—and it keeps people engaged in the biggest science stories and latest discoveries.


The app features tons of visually stunning, high-resolution videos curated by the NSF. Video content seems like it’s frequently updated, so the app features new and pioneering work in science. There’s also a continually updated news feed, which features recent science developments and stories. The tag index is great for browsing the videos, and the tags are also searchable. Social media integration (via Twitter or Facebook) makes it easy to share favorite videos. The interface is intuitive: pinching to zoom lets you see captions for each video, swiping lets you scroll through videos in any direction, a two-finger tap reveals more options, and you can always tap the hand icon if you forget how the gestures work.


The endless wall of videos on the main page is a little overwhelming at first glance; although the 360° perspective isn’t hard to navigate, it feels a little gimmicky. There’s no real organization to the way videos are displayed, though the tag index allows you to narrow by keywords. Additionally, the videos stream best with a WiFi connection, not mobile data, which limits the on-the-go uses of the app.


Teachers and students can look at actual science images and video taken by the NSF with this app, which makes it great for classroom use. It’s also a fun way for anyone with even a passing interest in science to stay up to date on current issues and stories.